In Italian a “sagra” is a celebration of a single ingredient at its peak; the “sagra del pomodorro,” “sagra di tartufo” or “sagra della mozzarella,” to name a few. Often held in the school gymnasium, townsfolk are invited to pay a small fee to grab a paper plate and taste the cooking of a local family that focuses on whatever produce is in abundance at that time. It’s a celebration of food, community and culture and that’s the essence of what we want to convey when you visit Sagra.


In keeping with our name, our menu will be changing regularly in order to show off the quality of local produce when it’s at its best. At Sagra we want to be a place where you can both come for a special occasion or pop in for dinner twice a week and experience a different menu each time. We want our food to be affordable but also elegant, and believe the value of each and every dish rests in the simplicity and quality of ingredients, not in the bells and whistles. We roll fresh pasta on a daily basis, bake our own sourdough every morning, produce our own cheeses, cure our own meats and do our own butchery on site. We focus heavily on sourcing sustainable, ethical produce to ensure that our ingredients are as good as they can be.


Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 6pm - 10pm, Friday 12pm - 2:30pm

Address: 62 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010

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